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Residential Housing

  • Students living on campus will leave campus when classes end, and final exams will be held prior to students departing for the Thanksgiving break. This arrangement will allow students who are residing on campus to travel home for Thanksgiving and remain at their homes. In rare cases where students are unable to leave campus due to exceptional circumstances, limited special accommodations will be made.
  • Undergraduate students will be housed in no greater than two-room doubles in order to provide for sufficient physical/social distancing. This approach will reduce the total number of undergraduate housing spaces available; however, it will also limit the risk of disease transmission between students in a multi-occupancy room. The residential housing assignment staff will contact undergraduates as that process takes shape. For students living in Spartan Suites living spaces, no major residential changes are expected because the apartment-style living spaces with single-occupancy bedrooms already provide for greater physical/social distancing than do most on-campus undergraduate residences. Some adjustments in housing will be needed to support public health needs in all residence halls.
  • The University will provide for the physical/social distancing needed in the classrooms and residence halls, and will set aside sufficient housing for quarantine or self-isolation in case of a wave of infection. If health conditions improve, this plan will allow NSU to expand on campus residential access later during the year.
  • In addition, there are many students with special circumstances, including medical needs. As during the 2020 spring semester, a limited number of residential spaces will be reserved for students who have a need to be on campus due to a special circumstance. Students will be notified by the housing staff regarding their request.

Health/Safety Information

Who can access my residential community?
All NSU residential communities are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exceptions may be made during peak times such as move-in at the start of the semester and move-out at the end of the semester. Your SpartanCard will allow you access to your residential community only during your stay. Your card will be deactivated during University breaks.

What safety measures will be in place to promote a safe, healthy and clean living and learning environment?
All students are expected to read and accept the information outlined in this section to reduce the threat of coronavirus on campus. Students who choose to live on campus must also complete safety modules and sign a certificate of compliance prior to move-in.

All students returning to campus will be expected to engage in protective personal behaviors, including physical distancing to minimize the risks of exposure to coronavirus (COVID19).

Cleaning Expectations

Community bathrooms are located on each floor in the traditional residence halls. These areas will receive cleaning services aligned with local, state, and federal safety and health guidelines to create and maintain safe, clean and healthy residential communities. Community bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized twice a day and revisited throughout the day as needed.

Guidance for Residence Hall Community Spaces

Elevators.To promote physical distancing, you are encouraged to ride the elevator solo or with a limited number of people, or use the stairs whenever possible. If you are using the elevator, wear your face covering and avoid touching the elevator buttons with your exposed hand/fingers, if possible. Be sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol upon departing the elevator.

Stairwells and Hallways. Use of stairwells and hallways should be used for travel and not to congregate with others. Individuals using stairwells and hallways should be wearing face coverings at all times on campus (other than your room) and remain at least 6 feet away from others whenever possible in common areas, including stairwells and hallways.

Laundry Room Usage. Residents using laundry services in the residential communities and Spartan Station Mini-mall should maintain 6 feet of physical distancing expectations and adhere to the signage displaying hours of operation and usage expectations.

Residential Security.
The residence halls are monitored by front desk staff employed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL). Each community has a Residence Hall Director and Resident Assistants (RAs) and work-study students who also work for HRL. Additionally, security patrols are conducted by law enforcement personnel employed by University Police. Doors are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and access is given to students through their Spartan.