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Conversations with President Adams-Gaston


Conversations with President Javaune Adams-Gas​ton is a limited video series in which Dr. Adams-Gaston answers questions regarding the University’s Fall 2020 Reopening Plan. In addition, she will discuss other university operations and current events. Jaylin Drew​ry, a political science major, serves as host for the Jaylin Asks Dr. J segment. 

Part 01
Question:  Regarding the opening plan for Norfolk State University, will it be safe for NSU faculty, staff, and students to return?

Part 02
Question:  How can we help stop the spread of COVID-19?


Part 03
Question:  How does this pandemic affect Norfolk State University and the business of higher education?


Part 04


Part 05
Question:  Do you believe the university will change its plans to reopen and transition to online only instruction?


Part 06
Question:  What can the NSU students do in the fight for social justice and equality?


Part 07
Question:  What are you most proud of from your first year as president of Norfolk State University?


Part 08
Question:  Can you please update us about a revised opening plan?