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Charge Card

Charge Card Program

The Commonwealth of Virginia, through competitive negotiations, has established a purchasing card program for all Commonwealth agencies and institutions. Purchasing charge cards offer State agencies and institutions the opportunity to streamline their procedures for procuring and paying for small dollar goods and services. These cards must be used for official approved NSU business only.

Types of Purchasing Charge Cards

Small Purchasing Charge Card (SPCC) – Purchasing charge cards may be issued to full or part time employees of the University. The cardholder and their respective University departments shall assume full and ultimate liability for employee’s use of the card. Purchases made with the purchasing card must comply with the University and Commonwealth Departments of Accounts small purchase charge card and procurement rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. The SPCC card is subject to a maximum standard single transaction limit up to $2,000 and a maximum monthly spending limit of $5,000.

  • CAPP Manual: 20355 - pdf

Travel Charge Card - Provides traveling employees with a means of charging expenses incurred while conducting official Norfolk State University business only, thereby reducing the need to issue cash travel advances. University faculty/staff that travel at least twice yearly with a minimum salary of $15,000 are recommended to obtain a travel charge card. Purchases made with the travel charge card must comply with the University and Commonwealth Departments of Accounts procurement rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. All policies regarding business meals must be met in order to use the Travel Card. (Reminder: Payment of the total amount due are to be paid by the statement due date regardless if reimbursement for those expenses have not been received.)

  • CAPP Manual: 20360 - pdf
    Issuance of a Charge Card is a privilege and every reasonable effort must be made to ensure that funds are used responsibly and in a manner consistent with the University’s mission, applicable laws and ethical practices.

If interested in applying for a purchasing charge card, please contact the Procurement Services Department at 757-823-8053.


In order to stay in compliance with the Commonwealth purchasing card policies and procedures it is mandatory that all cardholders take training annually. This training will consist of proper and improper use of purchasing cards, cardholder responsibilities, basic policies and procedures, helpful tips and contact information.

Helpful Tips

  • Never put your full credit card number or your date of birth in a fax, email or email attachment. If needed, you may include the last 4 digits of your card number.
  • Never allow another person to use your card. Ø Never split a purchase in order to circumvent established spending limits.
  • Never exceed the established limits for your card.
  • Payment of the total amount due must be made every month.
  • When presenting your card to make a purchase, please tell the vendor that NSU is a tax exempt organization. (Exemption: hotel and food services.)