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Research Projects

Research Project

* Title : Quantifying effect of Cosmic Radiations on Brain

In manned space missions, one of the major stressors which astronaut faces is prolonged exposure to space radiations which can impair functioning and coordination of their brain parts. Our aim is to quantify cosmic radiation effect on brain so that in future we can estimate the amount of damage caused to brain in proportion with the time duration spent by astronaut in space radiations.


Professor: Dr. Hargsoon Yoon
Laboratory: Neural Engineering and Nano-Electronics Laboratory
Norfolk State University

Team Member:

  1. Dr. Thong Le
  2. Lochan Pai
  3. Nived Mukundan
  4. Aslam Khan
  5. Maitreyee Pharande
  6. Vu Pham
  7. Hoang Tran
  8. Charles Owusu-Ansah

Sponsorship: NASA’s Langley Research Center, Virginia
Collaboration: Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia

Research Papers: Central Nervous System Responses to Simulated Galactic Cosmic Rays
Egle Cekanaviciute,1,2,* Susanna Rosi,3,4,5,6,7 and Sylvain V. Costes2

Equipment and Tools: Plexon, ABET II and MATLAB
Project Prototype/Experiment/Results/Industrial Applications:

Performed experiment on 16 experimental rats and analyzed effect of radiations on different parts of their brain.