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Dr. Kyo Song

 Dr. Kyo D. Song

 Office: RTC 410D
 Office Phone: (757) 823-8105
 FAX: (757) 823-2698

Brief Biography
Dr. Kyo D. Song is a professor of Engineering and joined NSU in 1993. He received BS degree in Inha University at Korea in 1979. He worked Korea Institute of Aeronautical Technology from 1978 to 1984. At that time, he was a structure engineer for RPV (Remotely Piloted Vehicle) and worked in honeycomb structure of various aircraft structure. After that, he joined a MS program in physic at Hampton University, and was involved in developing a blue green laser system using a Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) device. For his Ph.D. granted from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1992, he studied time-dependent spectroscopy from plasma generated from various materials using an Excimer laser. After his Ph.D., he joined at Hampton University as a research faculty, worked at NASA Langley Research Center to design a propulsion system at the High Energy Science Branch.

Dr. Song joined at NSU in 1993, and worked on the design of a MHD propulsion system heated by a combination of thermal and MHD at NASA LaRC. His research was to setup an experiment to investigate radiative properties of molecular ions for analyze re-entry vehicles from a NASA grant. He also served as a dept. chair in department of Engineering from 2006 to 2011 and 2014 to present. He has been working on several NASA projects since 1988, such as: Hypersonic Flow Research, Testing high temperature materials for Scram-jet Engine Components, spectroscopic analysis of re-entry vehicle, Study on effects of atomic oxygen on space materials, wireless power transmission and Smart materials research for Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) under NASA supported grants. He has developed his research interests on plasma; laser applications; accumulated his experiences on optical measurement technologies such as neural sensing, optical stimulus of neural, and wireless power transmission and its safety including developing netron protection materials and system at NASA LaRC.  He is also serving an executive committee member and Co-chair of Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and Systems, SPIE, since 2008. He has published  more than 100 Journal and Conference papers and 8 patents including invention disclosure.  He became SPIE fellow in 2015.

Detailed CV of Dr. Song

Research Interests
His research interests include: 

  • Spectroscopy
  • Plasma/Laser Applications
  • Meta-Materials
  • Wireless Power Transmission
  • Neural Sensors
  • Pulse Power/High Voltages

Recent Publications 

  • Min H. Kim, Hargsoon Yoon, Sang H. Choi, Fei Zhao, J. Kim, Kyo D. Song, and Uhn Lee, “Miniaturized and Wireless Optical Neurotransmitter Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Dopamine in the Brain, “ Sensors 2016, 16(11).
  • Hargsoon Yoon, Sang H. Choi, Kunik Lee, and Kyo D. Song of Langley Research Center., “Design of Double Layer Rectenna Array for Fault Isolation of Schottky Diode in Operation Beyond V-Band Frequencies,” NASA Tech Brief (LAR-18135-1), December 9, 2015.
  • A.K. Pradhan, R.M. Mundle, Kevin Santiago, J.R. Skuza, Bo Xiao, K. D. Song, M. Bahoura, Ramez Cheaito and Patrick E. Hopkins, “Extreme Tunability in aluminum doped Zinc Oxide plasmonic materials for near-infrared applications, .” Scientific Reports, September 18, 2014  (4 : 6415, DOI: 10.1038/srep06415).
  • J.R. Skuza, Y. Park, H. Kim, S.T. Seaman, G.C. King, S.H. Choi, K.D. Song, H. Yoon, K. Lee, and D. Keuhn, “Feasibility study of cargo airship transportation systems powered by new green energy technologies,” NASA/TM-2014-218241, April, 2014.
  • H. Yoon, H.J. Kim, E. Song, K.D. Song, U. Lee, L.D. Sanford, S.H. Choi, “A Hat Type Wireless Power Transmission for a Nano-Neural Sensing System,” Smart Nanosys., Eng. Med. Vol. 1, 88, 2012.
  • Sang Y. Yang, Jaehwan Kim, and Kyo D. Song, “ Flexible Patch Rectennas for Wireless Actuation of Cellulose Electro-active Paper Actuator,” J. Electr. Eng. Technol., Vol.7, No. 6; 954-958, 2012. 
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