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Academic Programs Support

Support for Norfolk State University’s academic colleges and departments results in excellent programs that garner regional, national, and international recognition. Your gifts promote collaborative, interdisciplinary, and immersive learning experiences that meet the changing educational needs of our students and prepare them for success after graduation.

Dean’s Discretionary Fund — Every year, Norfolk State University’s six colleges and schools are presented with extraordinary and unexpected opportunities. The Dean’s Discretionary Fund at each academic unit allows NSU’s academic leadership to meet challenges as they arise during an academic year.

This means that faculty members can obtain extra funds when they receive unanticipated offers to present research or pursue ambitious new projects. Students can have their travel costs covered when they advance to the finals of a competition. And we can provide security services and travel accommodations to distinguished speakers who come to Norfolk State to share their unique experiences and perspectives with students.

Internship Funding — Internships are a vital part of the educational experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. But many of the most dynamic and prestigious internship are unpaid, located in high-cost living areas or are incumbered with significant travel expenses. Internship funds provide monetary support for undergraduates who obtain an unpaid  internship.   Gifts of $2,500 or more can support one Norfolk State University’s summer internship experience.