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Academic Instruction

As NSU reopens this fall, the University will offer a range of course offerings, both in person and online.

In-person instruction

  • Students and faculty are required to practice physical/social distancing.
  • Students and faculty are required to wear facemasks or cloth face coverings to reduce the potential spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, from person to person.
  • Students and faculty are encouraged to procure or make their own facemasks/cloth face coverings to protect themselves and their peers to supplement University-provided face coverings. The University will make facemasks available to students.
  • Students and faculty are also encouraged to use hand-sanitizing stations at entrances to classroom buildings prior to entering and leaving classrooms.
  • Students and faculty are further encouraged to bring hand sanitizer with them and sanitizing wipes to disinfect the surfaces of desks and learning stations both before and after use.
  • Student, faculty, and staff who are experiencing symptoms consistent with coronavirus infection are advised to stay home, to avoid coming to campus/classroom and to seek care from either the campus Spartan Health Center (students) or their independent healthcare provider (faculty and staff).
  • Any student who is unable or unwilling to wear a mask or face covering, for whatever reason, should consider online courses, as face coverings will be required for in-person classes.

Online Instruction

Online classes will be asynchronous, with possible synchronous elements.

  • The Remote Learning Guide has been posted to help students prepare to learn effectively online.
  • Faculty will continue training to teach effectively online.
  • Colleges, schools and departments will provide the technology specifications needed for the online courses and tools for learning online, including Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Academic advisors, tutors, counselors and writing assistance, career services and other experiential learning opportunities, etc., will be available for all online learners.
  • Online learners with additional needs will be able to access accommodations.
  • Online learners will be provided with a list of support services and personnel for additional help.
  • Online learners will know who to speak with if there are difficulties learning in class.