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Only the assigned NSU Website Content Editors and Contributors may submit changes through the NSU website content management system.  As per state policies, only the systems administrator and backup are allowed to publish items to the production server (live status)

The system administrator and backup are required to adhere to Federal and State policies as well as established Norfolk State University Policies and Guidelines posted at

Each item is reviewed to ensure compliance as well as adhere to quality assurance standards of the university. These are established guidelines and standards as outlined in the following publications:

Web Content Management Publishing Workflow
Template Guidelines
Website Proficiency Guidelines
Web Evaluation Rubric

Editors & Contributors Workflow

  • Step One - Once the assigned NSU Website Content Editor & Contributor have finished making their edits, they want to hit the SAVE button - located top center.  [click for image]

  • Step Two - Once saved > click the:  Check in button.  [click for image]

  • Step Three - Once the item is checked in > click the:  Submit for Approval button  [click for image]

  • Once you click this button, the page will no longer allow you to check it out, until your submission has been approved.  You should see a notation at the top that the page is locked.  [click for image] If you do not see this, you have not correctly submitted the item for approval. 

Webmaster Workflow

  • All submissions made within the NSU Website Content Management System are sent to Debbie Jones, Information Technology Manager I and cced to David Booker (backup).

  • Debbie Jones will do the initial reviews with David Booker acting as the backup only when Debbie Jones is unavailable or out of office.

  • If the submission is rejected, the Editor or Contributor who has made the change will be notified and asked to make revisions.

  • If the submission is approved, it will be published

  • The Editor or Contributor will then receive an email alert from indicating their submission has been published.

  • Please do not submit emails to - use instead for website related requests

Possible Reasons for Rejections

With well over 50+ submissions coming in per day, the NSU Webmaster is not able to fix issues that come in with each submission. Please check your work and ensure every thing follows the NSU Website Guidelines. Below are the most common reasons for rejecting a submission.

  • Using tables to layout content.  Do not use tables for content layout. Your pages will be rejected and a note sent back asking you to remove the table. Tables may only be used for curriculum, charts or schedules.
  •  Linking or posting a video w/o closed caption. Section 508 of the Disability Act requires closed caption.
  • Linking or posting to an audio file w/o linking to a script or narrative.  Section 508 of the Disability Act requires alternative text to be provided.
  • Typing content in all capital letters.  Persons using screen readers will be read the words one letter at a time. This is an accessibility issue. When using an acyronmn, spell it out the first time it is used.
  • Posting unapproved photos to your page or banners.  All photos must be approved through Communications & Marketing. Send them to
  • Posting unapproved videos to your webpage.  All videos embedded or linked to your webpage require approval by Communications & Marketing. Send them to
  • Image with text and no text equivalent.  Section 508 of the Disability Act requires equal access to the same information.  When using an image with text on it, you are required to provide the same text on the image below in the content.
  • Posting email addresses or other contact information of NSU Students.  This violates HB1.  Please contact for the form and workflow. 
  • Broken links and misspellings. Please take time to check your work.
  • Blank page.  Blank pages need content prior to being published. Typing "Coming Soon, Under Construction or etc., does not constitute content.

Publishing Hour


  • Publishing:  8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. - Working Days
  • Web submission reviews begin at 8:00 a.m. and come to a close at 4:45 p.m.